Wonderful Wombats

Children from ages 3 years – 4 years

Group Capacity – 24 children inclusive of Possums group

In our group, we belong together, care for each other learn and accept each other with respect.  We share each others joy and triumphs.

We provide an environment that is fun, creative, and at times messy!  Playing with gloop and finger painting are some of our favorite activities in the Wombats room and that’s how our kids love to learn.

We teach respect for our environment and community.  We garden, maintain a compost and tend to the Kinder Cottage worm farm. These activities provide invaluable learning/ teaching moments where the children ask many questions which allow them to learn about the world and how they can care for it.

We hold family values and we welcome all family members to participate in our program – from celebration days to ‘Grandma’ reading a story or spending some time playing at the activity tables“.

The Wombat Children also begin learning Japanese language and culture


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