Safety & Security

Children are to be dropped off and collected by a responsible, designated adult.  Parents are asked to ensure that an Educator knows when your child has arrived and is informed of their departure.  Parents must sign their child in and out of the Centre using the sign-in sheets provided by the Centre.

Our Educators will not release any child into the care of someone not known to them.  If Educators do not know the person who has arrived to collect the child, then that person must provide photo ID as proof they are the person authorised to collect the child from both the enrolment form and or other written confirmation of collection.

Safety measures include:-

  • A staffed reception area from 8.15am to 5.15pm to observe people entering and leaving the Centre.
  • A safety check list of the inside of the Centre and our outdoor playground is conducted by a staff member every morning to check for any hazards or obstacles
  • Age/ developmentally appropriate equipment is selected for use in the Centre
  • All staff are workplace, health & safety trained, and are able to check for any hazards, such as broken toys, spilt liquids, etc, within our environment, and then how to appropriately deal with these hazards
  • When attending to children on change tables, staff keep a firm hold on the child at all times.
  • Cleaning chemicals and medication are clearly labelled and stored safely away from children.
  • All Educators are First Aid and CPR trained.
  • Evacuation drills are practiced regularly with the staff and children on different days of the week and different times of the day.
  • Secure fences and gates
  • Located in a quiet residential neighbourhood


Behaviour Management

All of our Educators hold qualifications in Children’s Services and have accredited training in behaviour management. Behaviour management is visited on an individual level with those children who require support / guidance.


Accident Policy & Procedure

We have a clear policy and procedure to support any accidents that may occur at our Centre. All Educators at the Centre are trained in First Aid. Should an accident occur parents will be informed either at collection time or via telephone immediately.  Educators also complete an incident form containing full details of the situation and how it was managed and parents are then asked to sign this at collection time.


Sun Safety Program

We follow the Sun Smart program and have an all year round sun policy. Families are asked to provide a sun hat that can be labelled and kept at the Centre for their child. Clothing covering shoulders is required as is a water bottle. Sunscreen is applied before going outside.